Audi’s Hot New Crossover Alternative

Audi revealed its new 2020 A6 Allroad, which we described as the cure for lame crossovers. We still stand by that. Based on the also new A6 sedan, the A6 Allroad is a wagon variant with a slightly higher ride height equipped with various features such as hill descent control for off-road conditions. There also enhanced wheel arches to help provide a more “outdoorsy” look, similar to what Subaru does when turning the Legacy sedan into the Outback.

But at the time of the reveal, there was no indication the Quattro AWD A6 Allroad was coming to North America. Its younger sibling, the A4 Allroad, is fortunately offered here, but nothing was mentioned in Audi’s press release about the A6 Allroad’s arrival. Today, however, new information has come to light. We’ve been alerted to Audi’s official Canadian website,and lo and behold, there’s a page displaying “The 2020 Audi A6 Allroad.” Tagline: “Adventure Awaits.”.

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