The Bentley Continental GT convertible Number 1 Edition

The Bentley Continental GT convertible Number 1 edition harkens back to the 1929 Bentley Blower, a record-breaking car of its time. In 1932, the Blower set a new world record at the Brooklands racetrack with a top speed of 137 mph. The car also featured a supercharger mounted to the engine. At the time, Bentley explained the system as “blowing” more air into the engine to increase air pressure, and thus, power. Hence, the car was referred to as the Blower.

Looking back on the heritage, the Continental GT Number 1 edition actually houses a piece of the original Blower within. Every model includes a small wheel spinner within the rotating dashboard display. The wheel spinner recalls the Blower, and other historic Bentleys, but it’s also made from one of the exact pistons taken from the No. 1 Blower. Bentley put the pieces off to the side during restoration work and saved them for the special convertible.

Further, each car boasts a Centenary Specification Package, which adds Centenary badges to the rear and on the wheels, special LED welcome lamps, Centenary badging on the gear selector and steering wheel, and a Centenary badge on the key fob. Since this is a Bentley, of course the grille is finished with an 18-karat gold badge. Not fancy enough? Under the hood, there are bejeweled oil caps and fillers, because of course. As standard, each car also features a blackout package and Carbon Body Kit.

Inside, the cockpit may be had in Cricket Ball or Beluga with “Heritage” hide on the seats and door pads. Grand Black wood veneer spans the cockpit with 18-karat gold stops and splashes of Alcantara on the steering wheel and gear selector. Keeping with the nostalgic theme, “Engine Spin” is present, which was a popular racing car and aviation finish in the 1920s and 1930s. A British Jaeger clock also sits proudly to resemble the brand’s home country.

Bentley didn’t mention many specifics, but the twin-turbo 6.0-liter W-12 engine has been upgraded and paired with a faster-shifting version of the 8-speed automatic transmission.

Just 100 Number 1 editions will be built. Customers will have the choice of Dragon Red II or Beluga exterior paint, with a Claret or Beluga folding top. We don’t have the funds, but the Dragon Red is clearly the way to go.


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