Tesla brings free supercharging to boost sales

Tesla tweeted that it will offer free unlimited Supercharging credits for new Model S and Model X buyers. The company had previously offered free unlimited supercharging a few years ago, then reduced that number to 400 kilowatt-hours of electricity credits each year for Model S and Model X orders; that policy ended for ordered place after November 2, 2018. The new free unlimited credits will apply for orders placed starting August 3. Tesla claims it has 1604 Supercharger stations globally.

However, its strategy does come with a few pitfalls, mainly inconsistencies, and the cost of access to the Supercharging Network  is one of them.

Originally, Model S and Model X buyers had access to unlimited free Supercharging, but not long ago that was taken away. Model 3 buyers, however, have always had to pay, but it’s the latter two group of customers that expressed deep frustration over the issue.

Source: Car and Driver And Carbuzz

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