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Rolls-Royce brings Luxuries With Stylish Fux Colors To Monterey

Rolls-Royce tends to style its ultra-luxurious vehicles for a rather imposing look. But it’s taken a decidedly softer approach for this year’s Pebble Beach festivities.

This is also the tenth time Rolls-Royce has developed and reserved a color carrying the name of the prolific patron of Bespoke.

Among the pride, said to be inspired by the resurgent natural landscape of Pebble Beach after years of natural disasters, are a single Phantom , four Cullinans, four Dawns, two Ghosts, and two Wraiths. The Phantom gets the most modest treatment, attired — as usual — for business in a Black Diamond and Gold Bespoke exterior. The interior highlight is the Phantom Gallery, which turns a swath of the instrument panel into a canvas for personalized art.

These colors can only be used by, or with, the permission of the client.

  • Fux Orange (Cullinan)
  • Fux Fuxia Pearl (Phantom)
  • Fux Fuxia (Dawn)
  • Fux Blue Candy (Dawn)
  • Fux Intense Jade Pearl (Phantom)
  • Fux Aequus Green Jade Pearl (Wraith)
  • Fux White (Ghost)
  • Fux Purple Candy (Phantom Drophead Coupé)
  • Fux Red Candy (Phantom Drophead Coupé)
  • Fux Yellow (Phantom Drophead Coupé)

The four Cullinan SUVs begin to taste the rainbow, drenched in the luxury maker’s iced finish, which Rolls-Royce says is one of its most popular offerings. The ice finish entails a mildly paradoxical combination of a matte color with an elegant shine, and on the quartet of Cullinans comes in Burnout Grey, Black Green, Iced Gunmetal, and Galilea Blue. Outside the collection but just as interesting from a color perspective, Rolls-Royce showed a bespoke Cullinan in Fux Orange, the paint named after a collector who asked Rolls-Royce to color-match a woman’s wrap he bought in Miami.

The pastel colors are said to have been inspired by the wildflowers blooming this season around Monterey following the fires, drought, and heavy rains that have beset the peninsula over the past several months. Each will be offered for sale to the many moneyed Rolls-Royce customers (existing or potential) who flock to Pebble Beach each year.

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