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2019 Jaguar F-Type Flag edition Full Driving Experience

Jaguar F-Type variants, ranging from mild to wild, including the positively ferocious F-Type R, complete with carbon ceramic brakes and 550 horsepower.

In some form or another, here’s one of those cars I try and drive regularly because, in my opinion, it’s a standard setter and a car I tend to keep in mind when reviewing others like it.

This time around, it’s the F-Type Checkered Flag Edition Coupe. This F-Type hardtop (convertible models are available, too), packs exclusive graphics and cosmetics, the latest F-Type tweaks, and an asking price that begins to enter six-figure territory. Included is Jaguar’s three-litre V6 engine, complete with supercharger, for 380 horsepower.

Unlike many comparable turbocharged engines, use of the supercharger instead gives this one more immediate throttle response, a more peaky and high-revving character, and far more pleasing sound.

But for the money, this is neither the fastest nor fanciest way to spend about $105,000 — but it is one of the best sports cars for the money I’ve ever driven, thanks in no small part to the great big grins it causes on every single drive.

In a sense, it’s the stuff of childhood car enthusiast dreams: a small, light, supercharged two-seater that makes a scene, looks striking, and turns heads and attracts attention with ease.

Sure, the compact and curvaceous look of the F-Type turns heads, but the sound of this car is the real star of the show.

It’s small and snug,when you step down inside, and it feels more like putting on a piece of clothing than getting into a car. You’re wearing this machine, more than you’re sitting inside of it. There’s a long and sculpted hood ahead of you, as you sit back, almost on the rear axle. The outward visibility is limited, and your inches from the road, sitting almost on the rear axle.

The F-Type’s cabin is getting dated these days, especially where the instrument cluster and some of the less commonly-used controls (power mirrors, wiper stalks) are concerned.

It’s beautifully trimmed, with flowing leather and careful stitching and plenty of gloss and texture and detail, though it does somewhat pale in comparison to the cabin of many a recent six-figure Porsche, Mercedes or Lexus.

Don’t miss the high-end sports seats, complete with special care instructions — nobody does leather like Jaguar, and these seats are so fragrant, you’ll smell them on your clothes, hours later.

Things get better in motion. The way the F-Type obeys its driver is magnificent. Throttle response, shifting, steering — every request from the controls is executed immediately, urgently, and with no drama or lag.

Steering is so quick, you can change lanes by just tightening the muscles in a few fingers. Toss it through some corners, and you’ll grin at how little work is required at the wheel to fling this car around.

Those brakes offer a strong bite from the first bit of pedal input, and a linear buildup of stopping power, with minimal pedal work. Precise off the bat, and even more so when you get really get the big red calipers clamping. The brake pedal action is among the most precise in my recent memory banks. Thus far, F-Type is quick, beautiful, has a very ridiculous sound, and feels eager and feisty in the way that only purpose-built two-seat performance cars usually do.

It’s a nice highway cruiser, too. It does get a bit noisy at higher speeds, though not enough to necessitate any voice-raising to carry on a conversation. F-Type could get away with a much less comfortable ride, too. Use the toggle to switch from the enhanced feistiness “dynamic” mode to the all-purpose “normal” mode, and you can actually feel the car relax, soften, and unwind beneath you. Make all the noise you like, or, flick a switch and just cruise in relatively quiet comfort. This one’s road-trip ready, if you like.steering, transmission), the brakes feel better, the harder you work them. This creates an encouraging and fun-loving dance partner when you find occasion to drive this machine as intended.

Source : Gulfnews

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