The 2020 Toyota Camry TRD Pricing Start From $32,035

The 2020 Toyota Camry TRD takes a different approach to its place in lineup than the 2020 Toyota Avalon TRD. As reported by CarsDirect and confirmed by Toyota, a leaked order guide has revealed the starting price for Toyota’s most sporting Camry to date. For $32,035, the Camry TRD will be the cheapest way to get it with the 301-hp V-6. For reference, the TRD undercuts the V-6–powered Camry XSE by $3960. It’s also far cheaper than Toyota Avalon TRD, which starts at $43,255. Camry V6 is rated at 301 hp, a fairly wide margin over the 252 hp Accord 2.0T.

Toyota has made a number of “track-tuned upgrades such as bigger brakes and improved suspension setup that lowers the vehicle by 0.6 inches. There’s also a new aerodynamic body kit, TRD exhaust, matte black wheels, some red badging, and even painted red brake calipers.

Potential buyers should also be made aware that the Camry TRD will not offer the Navigation Package or Driver Assist Package, which adds a surround-view monitor and rear emergency braking. Other advanced safety features, like automatic emergency braking, remain standard. Instead of the XSE’s leather seats, the TRD offers SofTex synthetic leather. A few sacrifices perhaps, but if driving is your thing then the choice is rather clear.

Equipment-wise, the Camry TRD is similar to the $26,995 Camry SE, which is only available with a 4-cylinder engine. That means there’s no available navigation or driver assist package, and TRD buyers will have to make do with synthetic leather instead of the real thing.

Cars Direct didn’t break out pricing for all Camry trims, but price increases are coming based on order guide figures for the SE, XLE V6 and XSE V6. The SE goes up by $200 to $26,995, the XLE V6 will cost $150 more, and the top-tier XSE increases by $110.

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