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BMW X6 Vantablack Arrives As The World’s Darkest Black Car

BMW is gearing up to show the Vantablack X6 at the Frankfurt auto show next month, and you should be curious to see what it looks like in person.

VANTA stands for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array, and it’s essentially a matrix made from microscopic bits of carbon. Instead of reflecting light the way normal automotive finishes do, it absorbs the light and turns it to heat. We’d suggest BMW not leave the Vantablack X6 parked in the sun too long.

Autoblog revealed that, BMW X6 has heavily tinted windows and black alloy wheels complete the look. Up front, the X6 features the optional light-up grille that’s slowly spreading across the BMW range, and LED headlights. Technical specifications are up in the air. We’re hoping the engine compartment didn’t receive a coat of Vantablack, because the X6 would then be terrifically difficult for technicians to work on. And black cars are notoriously hard to keep clean, so what happens to dirt on this one? Does it betray the lines of the car, or disappear into the void like the rest of the vehicle?

NanoSystems normally applies Vantablack to telescopes, infrared cameras, plus some of the laser-based sensor equipment required for autonomous driving, among other items. It also paints equipment for companies in the defense and the aerospace sector, though that aspect of its business likely falls in the “we’d tell you but we’d have to kill you” category. Cars were conspicuously absent from its portfolio before it worked on the X6, and it made this decision intentionally.

“We turned down numerous requests from various automobile manufacturers in the past,” said Ben Jensen, the founder and chief technical officer of NanoSystems, in a statement. He added the firm changed its mind after seeing the new X6’s “unique, expressive design.”

The Vantablack BMW X6 will make its world debut on Sept. 12. The production version of the third-generation X6 is scheduled to land in dealer showrooms this November.

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