The Bulletproof Bentley Bentayga Designed By INKAS

Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has unveiled what it is billing as the first commercially available armored Bentley Bentayga, a week after we saw the armored X5 Protection VR6 straight from BMW. It can be equipped with up to level B6 protection, so it can withstand shots from a 7.62 mm round fired from an assault rifle. The first example has already been purchased for approximately $500,000.

Hot on the wheels of the newly revealed BMW X5 Competition, the armored Bentayga incorporates the same heightened level of ballistic protection, also achieving a B6 rating. But this bulletproof beaut is decidedly more opulent, thanks to the Bentley badge. The all-black brute can, according Inkas, withstand two of the German military’s DM51 hand grenades exploding simultaneously from beneath its floor and take a barrage of bullets from assault rifles, such as an AK-47 or AR-10.

But protection isn’t confined to the cabin. Inkas has also reinforced the SUV’s electronics and added extra protection for the fuel tank and battery. Moreover, the vehicle is fitted with run-flat tires that won’t deflate when punctured, emergency lights that are mounted behind the vehicle’s front grille, as well as a siren and PA system.

The armored Bentayga has BR6 ballistic protection meaning that it can take bullets from a 7.62-millimeter assault rifle round like what would come from an AK-47. In addition, the armored floor can withstand two of the German military’s DM51 hand grenades detonating simultaneously beneath the vehicle. There’s extra protection for the fuel tank, around the battery, and for the electronic control unit.

Once armored, the Bentley Bentayga SUV becomes that much more valuable as it is entrusted to protect the lives of its occupants. With many more luxury vehicles being converted with armor it will only be a matter of time before every manufacturer offers up this upgrade as an option for all new luxury car buyers.


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