Porsche Finally Revealed The 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo and Turbo S.

After years of concepts, teasers, spy photos and rampant speculation, the 2020 Porsche Taycan is here. Although Porsche has been building hybrids for years now (including the 918 Spyder supercar), this is Porsche’s first foray into the world of EVs. It’s new and exciting ground for the German automaker. The Taycan Turbo and Turbo S will go on sale later this year, with other trims and a wagon variant based on the Mission E Cross Turismo concept following sometime in the next year.

The first Taycan models revealed here are the Taycan Turbo S and Taycan Turbo, though less powerful variants will debut later this year. Porsche also specifically mentions the first body style derivative, the Taycan Cross Turismo, will arrive by the end of next year.

Porsche’s highly anticipated Tesla fighter is nearly here. The German luxury and sports car brand will introduce its pure electric Taycan sedan at simultaneous events in Canada, Germany, and China on Wednesday.

The Taycan Turbo can offer its driver up to 671 HP (680 PS) with Overboost, while the Turbo S can muster a peak 750 HP (761 PS). The latter also has more torque with 774 lb-ft (1,050 Nm) versus the Turbo’s 627 lb-ft (850 Nm). This results in the Turbo accelerating to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 3.0 seconds with the aid of Launch Control, while the Turbo S can hit that same mark in just 2.6 seconds. If you’re also interested in 0-124 mph (200 km/h) times, the Taycan Turbo will get there in 10.6 seconds, while the Turbo S in 9.8 seconds. As for top speed, both versions will max out at 161 mph (260 km/h).

Porsche points out the Taycan is the first production vehicle with a system voltage of 800 volts. Typically, EVs use no more than 400 volts. That large amount of juice allows for fast charging. In ideal conditions, the Taycan to charge up to 80 percent in only 22.5 minutes with a maximum peak output of 270 kW. The 800V battery has an overall capacity of 93.4 kWh, which is about the same as the Tesla Model S.

Much like the exterior, the interior is instantly recognisable as the work of Porsche, but with a healthy dash of futuristic stuff. As revealed recently, the Taycan’s cabin is stuffed full of screens, with a rounded 16.8-inch display replacing the traditional instrument cluster. It’s joined by a 10.9-inch infotainment screen, and optionally, another just beside it for the passenger. There’s also a power recuperation system. Drivers can select from “Normal,” “Sport,” “Sport Plus,” and “Range” driving modes. A customizable “Individual” mode can also be chosen.

An 8.4-inch haptic feedback touch panel under the infotainment is used for the climate functions, with a 5.9-inch screen sitting in front of the rear passengers on cars specced with four-zone climate control. Yep, that’s five screens in total.

Pricing begins at $153,310 for the Taycan Turbo and $187,610 for the Turbo S, not including a $1,350 destination and handling fee. Welcome to the future of Porsche, everyone.

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