Tesla Model S ‘Plaid’ prototype sets lap record at Laguna Seca


CEO Elon Musk said via a Twitter post that details on the Plaid’s powertrain will be coming soon, while confirming that the option, due in a year’s time, will be offered on the Model S, Model X and next-generation Roadster, but not the Model 3. Musk first made reference to the powertrain as far back as 2015, when he said that Tesla was planning a performance level above Ludicrous mode.

Tesla development team behind the wheel of the Model S prototype lapped Laguna Seca in 1:36.555. This bests previous reports of a Model S with upgraded brakes lapping Laguna Seca in 1:47.62 and a claim that a stock Model S P100D ran a lap in 1:43.06. For more reference, Jaguar claims an I-Pace HSE ran the track in 1:48.18 and an XE SV Project 8, which has set Nürburgring records of its own, did it in 1:37.54. A modified Model 3 Performance has also recorded a time of 1:41.28.

Musk added that Tesla would need to “review & tune” the Model S for safety at the Nürburgring. There’s no doubt that the ‘Ring is a potentially very dangerous place. Automakers do sometimes add safety gear to their cars for lap times there. Porsche noted that its Taycan Turbo S record car was fitted with a racing seat to protect the driver.

The video only shows the inside of the vehicle, so we can’t be 100 percent sure this car has the same modifications as the one seen at the Nürburgring.


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