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Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept Makes Debuts With A Turbine-PHEV Open-top SUV

Mitsubishi has brought a new concept for an SUV. 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is the venue where Mitsu has unveiled today the radically styled Mi-Tech, which combines a controversial design with a complicated powertrain all wrapped up in a small SUV package.

Car and Driver revealed that, Mitsubishi says the Mi-Tech expresses “the very essence of Mitsubishi-ness.”  is that It certainly reminds us of a few other wild open-top Mitsubishi concepts of years past. The front end embraces Mitsubishi’s new Dynamic Shield front-end design, featuring a satin-plated grille with copper inserts and T-shaped headlights. The roof and doors are missing, underlining the intention to think of this concept as an off-roader.

Mitsubishi’s S-AWC Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System is applied to a quad-motor AWD System with front and rear active yaw control and electrically actuated brake calipers. Plus, the Mi-Tech can take 180-degree turns by counterrotating the left and right electric motors. When the batteries die, the turbine engine charges them back up. A turbine engine sounds insane, but it definitely has its benefits. It can run on a variety of fuels such as diesel, kerosene, and alcohol, and the effect is, Mitsubishi claims, a cleaner exhaust compared with a traditional internal-combustion engine.

The quad motor 4WD system is officially called “Quad Motor with Dual Motor AYC” (where AYC stands for Active Yaw Control) and features two electric motors on each axle, allowing for increased maneuverability on- and off-road.

Finally, the MI-Tech Concept is packed full of technology, adopting a human machine interface (HMI) that projects information gathered by its advanced optical sensing technology onto the AR windshield. Safety-wise, it features a MI-Pilot driver assistance system that alerts in case of potential collisions and supports the driver’s operation of the steering wheel and brakes. Additionally, active safety systems help the driver avoid collisions or mitigate the collision damage, said by carscoops.


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