Nissan Ariya Concept Proves The Level Of Nissan EVs

This Nissan concept car called Ariya was also revealed in the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan had been successful in the production of electric vehicle. Now, the Nissan is getting ready for round two as it “embarks to redefine its brand philosophy for the next evolutionary phase of the automobile.”

The Ariya was described as having a roomy, premium cabin and a design that signals the “pure, clean nature” of EVs. Twin electric motors are supposed to move it along powerfully, and it’s bristling with safety tech. It’s seen as the symbol of a future where technology and electric power make for safe, clean travel.

Inside, the dash is largely devoid of features. Instead, most of the controls are now haptic elements integrated in the dash. These are invisible when the car is not in use but glow when the driver is behind the wheel. The only physical controls are the start button, climate controls, and a dial to operate the 12.3-inch infotainment display.

The Ariya also demonstrates Nissan’s latest driver-assist features. One of these is ProPilot 2.0, which enables a vehicle to travel along select highways in Japan hands-free, relying on sensors and cameras plus highly detailed maps to guide it. The Ariya builds on this system by adding a remote parking feature. This enables the driver to use a mobile device to park the vehicle from outside the cabin.

The Ariya Concept is not a concept car designed from far off ideas, but rather a car that embodies Nissan Intelligent Mobility at its core and highlights a promise of an entirely new driving experience on the horizon.

Source: Motor authority, Motor 1

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