The 2020 Honda Jazz/Fit Are Hybrid With Five Trim Levels

The Honda Fit/Jazz is one of the best subcompact vehicle, and the fourth-generation model is now alive at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The short proportions front and rear with a high beltline are familiar territory for the Fit, but this is an all-new model that Honda says will be available in five different flavors to suit a range of lifestyles.

The big news is that this generation is going hybrid-only. Honda wants all of its mainstream models sold in Europe to be at least partially electrified by 2022.

There are five versions of the new Fit: Basic, Home, Ness, and Luxe models essentially serve as different trim levels with various trim and color options, while a Crosstar variant incorporates SUV-esque design cues to turn the Fit into a little crossover imitator.

It’s basically a progression from entry-level with Basic to an up-spec Luxe, the latter of which gets leather seats, platinum-style chrome plating on the exterior, and 16-inch wheels as standard. Stepping down a notch, Crosstar adopts a slightly more sporty appearance with a soft-roader theme, even going so far as to have water-repellent interior materials. Ness also gets the water-repellent treatment along with a range of color combinations with a sporty feel, while Home gets fabric seats and other materials that are a step up from Basic.

The 2020 Honda Fit offers a new touchscreen-based infotainment system with smartphone-style usability, a WiFi hotspot, as well as Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Moreso, the Collision Mitigation Brake System gains night-time operation to detect pedestrians and cyclists; it also applies the brakes when oncoming vehicles cut across or turn into the path of the car. There is also this new camera system, the Adaptive Cruise Control can now follow traffic at low speeds in congestion and work together with Lane Keep Assist on urban and rural roads – as well as multi-lane highways.

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