2020 BMW Alpina B3 Was An Alternative To The M3

BMW specialist Alpina’s B3 sedan was unveiled at the Tokyo auto show. Based on the G20 BMW 3-series, it launches from zero to 62 mph in 3.8 seconds. BMW also preparing to show us a new M3.

With 462 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, the Alpina B3 – sedan or wagon – is the most potent version of the new 3 Series yet, handsomely out-gunning the M340i with its 382 hp and 369 lb-ft. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 3.8 seconds (Touring 3.9 seconds) and from 0 to 200 km/h in 13.4 seconds (Touring 13.9 seconds).

Along with the standard BMW Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, the 2020 ALPINA B3 is fitted with a Comfort Plus mode with a softer ride.

The B3 is not a replacement for the M3, and there isn’t as much overlap between the two models as there might seem to be. Both are quicker variants of the run-of-the-mill 3 Series, but the B3 puts a much bigger focus on comfortable high-speed cruising than on improving its lap time. To that end, it receives low-key design tweaks like a redesigned front bumper accented by an Alpina emblem, and a small, unpretentious spoiler on the trunk lid. Form follows function here; the firm pointed out the bigger air intakes chiseled into the front end improve cooling, while the spoiler adds downforce.

The all-wheel-drive platform used in the B3 is derived from BMW’s xDrive system, which allows for evenly distributed torque flow to all the wheels through a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. We’re speculating that a manual will be available in the new M3, and we hope that Alpina takes the hint and eventually offers one in the B3 as well.

The B3 is currently available to order and due to start deliveries in mid-2020.

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