BMW Planning Hybrid Powertrain For The M SUVs


BMW M confirms ‘electrification’ development for large models but there are no plans to ‘hybrid’ M2, M3 or M4.

The head of BMW M Division, Markus Flasch, has told Australian media at the recent M Festival that it has hybrid power ‘on standby’ ready to use but there are still no firm plans – and no rush – to introduce electrification.

“I can assure you we’re working on electrification,” Mr Flasch says. “I’ve driven petrol-electric vehicles from the M team. I’ve driven plug-in hybrids from the M team. It’s there. But I cannot disclose data. I cannot disclose a (production) start date. But we’re working on it. It’s on the shelf.”

Considering how tight the legislation regarding tailpipe emissions is getting in certain parts of the world, we might see conventional cars disappear altogether in the next decade. That will affect M cars and M SUVs as well and chances are the biggest changes will impact the latter category first.

That’s because the big, heavy brutes are burning a more fuel compared to smaller sedans and coupes. This might push certain car makers to strive to find ways of reducing emissions while still offering high-performance models.

According to Bmwblog, it was revealed that, V8 could be electrified in some way, to reduce emissions and improve performance, something BMW will surely be aiming for. However, the CEO also said the BMW M division won’t move forward with electrification unless they are certain customers will like it.

Opting for the plug-in petrol-electric-hybrid route seems the foregone conclusion as BMW looks at committing to PHEV technology as a long-term solution rather than bridging application en route to full electrification on a large scale with mainstream model lines.

Mr Flasch stresses that, when is comes to commercialising M electrification – be it hybrid or full EV – there’s more concern about diluting the brand in customers’ eyes than there is overcoming technical challenges of adopting such technologies.

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