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Tesla Cybertruck In A Tug Of War With Ford F-150

Elon Musk spent plenty of time taking swipes at Ford’s bestselling F-150 during his unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck last week. The latest shot comes in the form of a real-world stunt recorded on video. It’s a 16-second clip of the Cybertruck towing an F-150 up a hill with both trucks flooring the pedal in opposite directions.

This was the mid- or top-spec variant of the EV, as it has all-wheel drive. The former has a dual-motor setup and the latter packs a tri-motor layout, for what we reckon is an earth-shattering amount of torque.

However, the Ford F-150 used for the demonstration can be seen spinning its rear wheels only. This means that it lacks the all-wheel drive system of the upper specs and is likely powered by a smaller engine that doesn’t do justice to the tug of war game. Then comes the weight, which is probably in favor of the Cybertruck, as it is likely a few hundred pounds heavier.

Source: Autoblog and carscoops

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