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Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Convertible Is Ready For Sale

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is a vehicle built with one purpose in mind of going fast down a drag strip. Weight is the enemy when it comes to acceleration, and one surefire way to add weight to a car is to make it into a convertible.

Droptop Customs has converted an 840-hp 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon into a convertible, as originally spotted by Motor Authority.

Droptop Customs’ sales manager Larry Moran said; the company didn’t simply chop the top off the Demon to make it a convertible. Doing a conversion is about knowing where and how to add reinforcements. For this Demon project, that required adding a lot of metal to recover some of the structural rigidity lost with the roof and offset the effects of all that horsepower and torque.

To begin, the frame rails were reinforced with 1×2-inch pieces of metal. Then, the shop added diagonally-mounted metal braces underneath to resist twist. Even more structural supports were added to the trunk, front and rear shock towers, and gussets were added to the bottom of each door to keep them from moving. Lastly, the shop boxed the connection of the front rails to the engine cradle. No specifics about weight gain were provided.

The dealer told MA that it’s currently on consignment, despite being listed for sale on FCA dealership Cape Coral’s website. It’s priced at an eye-watering $145,995 and the car has only 172 miles on it, so it’s hardly been used.

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