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2020 BMW 745Le M Sport Gets A Stunning Car Art Design

The 2020 BMW 745Le M Sport luxury sedan which has received a colorful makeover that makes it look like it’s going really fast even when standing still.


The author of this paintwork is Sao Paulo-based photographer Gabriel Wickbold, whose signature is visible on the 7 Series’ rear fender. The car has been unveiled at a BMW pop-up store in a shopping mall located in the Brazilian metropolis, where it will remain on display for the rest of January.

“The idea of ​​using technology to inspire and create, like BMW did with the 7 Series hybrid plug-in, is similar to my artistic creation process,” Wickbold said in a roughly translated Instagram caption. “For this reason, we chose a work that had movement and that referred to the speed, sophistication and technology of the BMW 7 Series.”

On the 7 Series, streaky lines of bright color burst from the top, front part of the car and carry down to the ground and back to the rear. Intentional or not, it seems the energy is erupting from the hood-slash-engine bay. Every picture in the photo gallery is taken from one general angle, but the use of fog machines, exterior lighting, as well as the car’s lighting, give each photo a slightly different look. The design was first digitally created with a computer and printed as a wrap.

The BMW 745Le packs a plug-in hybrid powertrain delivering a system power of 394 PS (388 HP) and up to 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) of torque from a turbocharged 286 PS (282 HP) 3.0-liter straight-six gasoline engine and a 113 PS (111 HP) electric motor integrated into the 8-speed automatic transmission.

Source: carscoops and Autoblog

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