Lincoln And Rivan Confirmed Working On A New Electric Vehicle

On Wednesday, Lincoln confirmed it will build an electric luxury crossover SUV on Rivian’s skateboard EV platform.

Lincoln didn’t specify whether this EV will be a car, truck or SUV, but all signs point to an SUV. The company highlighted its revamp of crossover and SUV models and how they’ve helped increase the brand’s sales. Rivian’s CEO R.J. Scaringe also said previously that it would build an SUV for Lincoln.

The automaker highlighted that its electric model will feature the latest technology, including connectivity. This jibes with Rivian plans, as the start-up automaker is developing a clean-sheet platform set to feature advanced driver-assist functions to lay the groundwork for self-driving cars in the future.

The production of the Lincoln electric SUV on the Rivian platform in the Rivian factory may also be a factor in Rivian lowering the prices of its vehicles. The base R1T was initially priced around $70,000 and the base R1S at around $72,000. But with the addition of the third Lincoln variant, now has more vehicles to recoup development costs.

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