2020 BMW X6 M Competition Dressed In Carbon Black Metallic

The new X6 M wearing a Carbon Black Metallic paint finish and some killer wheels. If you’re a fan of the X6, you’re going to love the BMW X6 M Competition’s design. It’s obviously quite similar to that of the X6 M50i, which was the highest-performance version of the X6 until this beast arrived, but the proper M version has some extra aggression that makes it more exciting. It’s also visually lower, which helps its coupe-like design language.

The car in question is the BMW X6 M Competition, so its gets the same 617 hp 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 as the M5 Competition. That should make it significantly faster than the already bonkers-fast M50i model. Though, I question anyone that drives the X6 M50i and feels it’s too slow.

BMW has always been great at designing wheels and these new ones are the latest in a long line of great ones. There’s just so much negative space, allowing you to see almost the entire brake rotor and caliper, which is incredibly cool. They’re certainly some of BMW’s best at the moment and do the brand’s long history of great wheels justice.

Overall, if you like the X6, you’ll love the BMW X6 M. If you don’t like the regular X6, you still won’t like the M version. It’s essentially the same, just cranked up to eleven.

Source: bmwblog

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