Apex AP-0 Is An Electric Supercar With 650Hp Coming In 2022

There is now a new UK-based company steping forward into the world of electric supercars, and it’s called Apex. The first vehicle from this venture is called the AP-0 Concept, which made its global debut in London on Friday and it’s certainly an interesting vehicle to behold.

Designed to preview a production model that will be launched in late 2022, the AP-0 is an electric sports car that is “race-inspired and road legal.”

Packed with personality, the AP-0 has a striking design that looks fast even when standing still. Since the car is electric, it eschews a traditional grille and instead features narrow slots which channel air through the vehicle and out the hood.

The AP-0 concept is a closed two-seat coupe with styling reminiscent of a baby Koenigsegg, especially the longitudinal vane that runs the length of the car’s body, and which incorporates a lidar sensor at the front. Both bodywork and underlying structure are made from carbon fiber, with Apex claiming the car will have a weight of just 2645 pounds. The company says this will deliver a range of up to 320 miles on the European WLTP testing protocol.

On the tech front, the concept is equipped with a holographic augmented reality display and an AR Race Instructor. The latter gamifies the “way drivers can learn new racetracks.”

The Apex AP-0 has a 90 kWh lithium-ion battery that weighs only 1,212 pounds and generates 650 horsepower, which is sent to the rear wheels. The Lotus Evija has over twice as much power, but thanks to its lightweight construction the Apex AP-0 can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just 2.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 190 mph.

Despite its race car technology, the AP-0 is road legal and adopts sports car proportions, measuring 172.4 inches long, 79.4 inches wide, and 48.1 inches high including the roof-mounted fin. The AP-0 also has a 104.3-inch wheelbase and is 76.18 inches wide.

The AP-0 also has an advanced LiDAR sensor which generates detailed maps of the vehicle’s surroundings. The company said this allows the car to more accurately identify potential hazards such as pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles. It allows the car to offer a Level 3 semi-autonomous driving system, and Apex hinted it could eventually be upgraded to a Level 4 system.

Production of the Apex AP-0 will start in Q4 2022 with prices starting from £150,000 ($189,000).

Source: carscoops and carbuzz

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