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2021 Mercedes Maybach S-Class Spied With A Huge Screen

A new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is well on its way, and that means a new Mercedes-Maybach is following right behind it.

The interior of any new flagship luxury car is at this point almost obligated to feature a pair of displays, with the next-gen S-Class to offer a rather giant center infotainment screen with a portrait orientation. The rest of the dash remains under covers but we can see how that center screen curves into the center console and take another look at the new Mercedes steering wheel and the bigger instrument cluster.

That Lenovo ThinkPad laptop gets in the way of seeing the rest of the center console, but it does appear the new S-Class will have a separate volume button/slider. Offering direct access to this intensely used function is a wise idea rather than integrating it somewhere in the infotainment’s menu. The abundance of glossy surfaces means many parts of the interior will be a fingerprint magnet, much like the giant screen dominating the dashboard.

Image source: carscoops


The Maybach S-Class is expected to offer the finest, most exclusive materials and finishes combined with ridiculous levels of comfort and luxury, in combination with all the necessary tech overload. As ever, the business end of a Maybach will be found in the rear passenger compartment, looking more like the inside of a lear jet and less like a car.

Also expect the new Maybach-Mercedes S-Class to be loaded with the latest technology, including advanced autonomous driving assists and sophisticated safety tech. As for the powertrain, rumors suggest the new Maybach will be the only version of the new S-Class that will be offered with a V12 engine.

The new Mercedes S-Class is expected to debut later this year, so the Maybach version will likely follow a few months after, possibly in 2021. When it goes on sale, expect to pay a significant premium for the ultra-luxury Maybach over the regular S-Class. The current Maybach S starts at $173,000, which is around 8$78,000 more expensive than the regular S-Class.

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