BMW X7 Looks Really Big In The Lumma Design

Lumma Design teased a body kit for the BMW X7, and now they have launched it, albeit with some small adjustments.

Lumma widens the already wide X7 with some wheel arch extensions which also offer integrated air inlets for brake cooling. A front spoiler at the base of the fascia features a cup blade that gives the X7 a slightly lower stance while a diffuser with spoiler lip and roof spoiler adds drama to the rear.

The 10×24-inch front and 13×24-inch rear set, wrapped in sticky tires in widths of 295 and 355, respectively, are joined by a smaller set, with a 23-inch diameter, known as the CLR 23 LR.

The cost of ordering this body kit from the German tuner, based south of Stuttgart, is €16,750. This equals to $18,084 at the current exchange rates, and it’s not the only amount you will have to pay, as it does not include tax, installation nor painting.

Source: carscoops

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