Audi RS5 Sportback In Sonoma Green Metallic Is A Beauty On Camera

Audi RS5

If you can flashback your memory back to 2019, you would remember the facelifted version of the Audi RS5 Sportback and the RS5 Coupe. Though, the same 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 stayed, but the aesthetic and technological updates were enough to increase it value.


This is an RS5 Sportback in Sonoma Green Metallic and fitted with a set of 20-inch matte bronze wheels.

Audi RS5

This particular RS5 Sportback that Auditography got its hands on is armed with carbon fiber package. Of course, beyond the paint job, wheels, and appearance package, other elements of styling here make the four-door fastback stand out, day and night. Of note, this Audi is equipped with laser headlights, in case you’re wondering what those blue glares are.

Audi RS5

Apart from the aesthetic appeal, Auditography also tested the RS5 Sportback’s 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6. On paper, this mill makes a healthy 450 horsepower (336 kilowatts) and 443 pound-feet (600 Newton-meters) of twists.

The Audi RS5 Sportback performs well in real life, too. Just watch the video on top of this page and ogle at this beastly beauty.

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