Next Generation Ghost Set To Make Its Debut On September 1 With Illuminated Fascia

Rolls-Royce is announcing the next generation Ghost, world premiere is scheduled to take place in a week from today, on September 1.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

The second-generation of the Ghost luxury sedan adopts a minimalist ‘Post Opulent’ design philosophy. Obviously, that does not mean the 2021 Ghost will fly under the radar, quite the contrary. One of its highlights will be the Illuminated Fascia, a Bespoke innovation created exclusively for the new Ghost.

Positioned ahead of the front-seat passenger, the Ghost name is lit up and surrounded by over 850 stars, emitting a soft glow into the cabin. When the car is off, the constellation disappears completely. The innovation follows the brand’s famous Starlight Headliner.

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Rolls-Royce went the extra mile to create the perfect glow, with 152 LEDs above and beneath the fascia being carefully color-matched to the lighting of the car’s clock and the instrument cluster illumination. A twinkling effect and the ideal dispersion of light is made possible by the use of a two-millimeter-thick light guide with 90,000 laser-etched dots.

Rolls-Royce Ghost

“Illuminated Fascia is perfectly in tune with the Post Opulent design direction we pursued with new Ghost. This elegant and minimal aesthetic is a specific response to the layer of clients who respond to Ghost: men and women who share a desire for a clean, pared-back expression of Rolls-Royce,” said Rolls-Royce Lead Bespoke Designer, Michael Bryden.


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