Lamborghini Teases A Speedster Hypercar With No Roof

Lamborghini just posted this image on its social media platforms, depicting a new track-focused model with no roof or windshield, that should, theoretically, serve as a competitor for the likes of the McLaren Elva and Ferrari Monza SP1/SP2.

Unfortunately we don’t know much of anything regarding the Lambo. The Italian carmaker only wrote this next to the image: “Attenzione Macchina Veloce Aperta” – meaning “Attention, fast open machine”.

The prototype can be seen wearing the same body wrap used to tease the Essenza SCV12, so it could very well be a roofless variant of the latter, which would make it a limited edition track-only toy, unlike the Monza SP2 for example, which you can also drive on public roads.

This is also not the first Lamborghini model to feature this type of open-top setup (no roof, windshield, windows). Who can forget the one-off Concept S from 2005, based on the Gallardo? Then in 2012 came the stunning Aventador J Speedster, boasting a similar design philosophy.

It’s unlikely that Lamborghini would make another one-off given today’s automotive climate, which is why our money is on there being a limited supply of more than one unit for this upcoming track toy – 40 could be the number, just like the Essenza SCV12.

Carscoops are not really sure if it is a SCV12 Speedster. But there are similarities, like the wrap or the lateral design language, but there are plenty of differences too, like the wing, rear end design, tail light graphics, tailpipe positioning and most importantly, the overall size.

This appears to be more compact, with a lesser rear overhang, which should result in a more dynamic and visually aggressive stance.

Still, if power comes from the same naturally aspirated V12 as in the SCV12, then you can expect a resounding 818 HP (830 PS).

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