Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV Electric Hypercar Revealed With 1,877Hp

Jaguar unveiled a new concept car, the Jaguar Gran Turismo SV for a video game, specifically the seventh edition of the popular racing sim that’s set for launch in 2021 for the Sony PlayStation 5.

Jaguar Gran Turismo SV

The Vision Gran Turismo SV electric hypercar  has four electric motors producing 1,877 HP (1,903 PS) and 2,478 lb-ft (3,360 Nm) of torque, 0-60 mph in 1.65 seconds and a 255 mph (410 km/h) top speed.

Jaguar says its low-slung electric hypercar has C-Type, D-Type, XJR-9 and XJR-14 design cues all rolled into one, but with an avant-garde twist to suit a hypothetical race car of the future. The Vision Gran Turismo SV was developed exclusively in the virtual world with technology borrowed from Formula E and then fine-tuned using the latest simulation tools.

Jaguar Gran Turismo SV

Compared to the GT Coupe, the GT SV is longer by 33.9 inches (861 mm), featuring more downforce thanks to its new front splitter and new deployable rear wing (its most effective aero feature). In order to accelerate airflow, Jaguar went with a completely enclosed, sculpted underbody. The resulting drag coefficient is a staggering Cd 0.398, to go with 1,064 lbs (483 kg) of downforce at 200 mph (322 km/h).

Jaguar Gran Turismo SV

“All the aerodynamic features have been painstakingly optimised through cutting-edge computational fluid dynamics analysis – in exactly the same way we do with real-world projects such as the Jaguar I-TYPE Formula E race cars,” said Jaguar SV aerodynamics senior engineer, Michael O’Regan.

Jaguar Gran Turismo SV

As for the interior, it was designed specifically for racing, featuring sweeping surfaces that envelop the driver. The instruments meanwhile are all positioned within reach and the controls are said to be “perfectly weighted” with every component beautifully crafted from advanced lightweight materials such as Typefibre (used on the sculpted composite seats). By the way, Jaguar will test Typefibre in the I-TYPE Formula E car this upcoming season.

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